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Percy Jackson vs Mrs. Dodds (Conflict)

Posted in Conflict,Ms. Dodds,Percy Jackson by on the October 28, 2011

In the middle of Percy’s field trip, Percy accidentally did something wrong so then in lunch time, Mrs. Dodds told him to come with her in the museum to have a little “talk” with him. So then when he came in he saw her somewhere far away where Mrs. Dodds wanted him to go to. Percy thought how was she was going super fast. So then when they had there little “talk”, she turned into a monster with large, leathery, bat wings, bat claws, talons, and full of yellow fangs and tried to kill Percy, but luckily Mr. Brunner was there reading his novel about Greek and Roman stuff. So then when he saw Percy, he tossed a pen at him. But he didn’t know why so then when he clicked on the cap of the pen (its kind of like the one you pressed on it then the thing comes out and now you can write with the pen (Something like that) ) and it turned into a sword and help Percy killed Mrs. Dodds, but then all the sudden, Mrs. Dodds and Mr. Brunner disappeared so then when he went outside, he saw Nancy Bobofit and asked where is Mrs. Dodds. And she answered, “Who is Mrs. Dodds and by the way Ms. Kerr is going to make you in trouble.” And Percy asked that who is Ms. Kerr. So then he asked other people to see if Nancy was lying but then they only Ms. Kerr.

Character Traits: Mrs. Dodds

Posted in Character Traits,Ms. Dodds by on the October 26, 2011

Mrs. Dodds is a math teacher from Georgia that was 50 years old and teaches Pre-Algebra. She always wear a black leather jacket. And from the first day she came and started teaching at Yancy Academy, she like Nancy Bobofit and thought Percy was a devil spawn. She told Percy to go in the museum (in a field trip) and during the coversation, she turned into a monster with large leathery wings, talon bat wings and claws, and full of yellow fangs. And was killed because of Percy Jackson using a ballpoint pen that turned into a sword.